Born in Culiacan Sinaloa Mexico. Canek is a song writter, composer, arrangeur, singer trompetist and guitarrist.

He started his music studies in ¨Centro Municipal de Artes de Mazatlán Sinaloa¨, period in which he was a member of the ¨Youth Symphony Orchestra¨ as a trumpet player. ¨

He continued his music studies in ¨ Escuela Superior de Música ¨ which belongs to the ¨ Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes ¨ in Mexico City.

He has completed a bachelor degree in ¨ Basic school Music Teaching ¨. However, he has developed his career on the stage and production/recording field over the teaching one.

Canek has written co-produced, recorded and arranged music for several published albums in the Mexican and international scene among them, the ones made with the awarded ska/world beat band Los de Abajo, band in which Canek is an active member since 1996.

With Los de Abajo, Canek has travelled abroad the world and performed in reknown venues as in festivals such as Glastonbury, Womad, Paleo, Montreal Jazz Festival, Oerol, Mundial, Vive Latino, Open Tropen, Babylon Festival, Marquee, Fabrik, Melkweg, Ronnie Scotts, Festimad, Folkfest Vancouver, Gurten, Yokohama Dome Theater, Sodra Teatern to mention few.

He lives since 2006 in The Netherlands where he plays with several local bands among those, El Mariachi Tierra Caliente and the crossover music band, Hotel while keeping his colaboration with L.D.A

In The Netherlands, Canek has participated in the family theatre play called “ Snorro “ produced by Rotheater in 2009 as a musician, arrangeur and extra.

As well, he has being part of the play for kids ¨De Dag van de Doden¨ produced and performed by The Tropen Theater in Amsterdam and Latin Swing Productions.

Canek Cabrera Morales

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